Master of Science in Criminal Justice

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Earn Your Master's Degree in Criminal Justice

A criminologist makes notes standing alongside an open car. Learning about crime and criminology in Everest's Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree program.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree program at Everest University has been designed to offer you the balance of theory and application in the areas of law enforcement administration, corrections, juvenile justice, drug abuse, and counseling.

You can receive education in:

  • Correctional Systems and Institutions*
  • Crime and Criminology
  • Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • Applied Research Methods
  • Statistics for Criminal Justice
  • Critical Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Law and the Legal System
  • Substance Use, Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Victimology*

Students earn their degree online with us because:

  • Accredited Member, ACICS
  • Small Classes
  • Online Courses Available
  • GMAT not required for admittance

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